Reflexology describes the treatment of zones, usually in the hands or feet, which correspond to areas of the body. Research has proven that stimulation of the these zones increase blood circulation in corresponding regions, enabling increased blood flow to the area which can help the body to heal and repair.  Science recognises and accepts other reflex relationships, such as dermatomes and proprioception.

Reflexology may be beneficial in treating a range of physical and psychological conditions – skeletal conditions like sciatica and shoulder tension; painful and heavy periods; skin conditions such as psoriasis; stimulation of ovulation in women where this is not happening naturally or regularly as well as psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety.  I am trained in advanced spinal techniques, looking at the anatomy of the spine and its musculature, and identifying areas which require treatment.

A foot treatment involves you lying, fully clothed, in a specialised reflexology treatment chair which reclines you back to enable your feet to be fully accessible.  Footwear and socks/tights are removed, and if trousers are worn these should be loose enough to roll up a few inches as the treatment will involve the lower part of the leg.

Clients have described the treatments as soothing and very relaxing, as well as uplifting and enabling them to change their perspectives where they have become stuck in negativity because of other things going on in their lives which have overwhelmed them.  Reflexology may be beneficial in rebalancing the individual, optimising bodily performance and maximising opportunity for healing and repair.

For those couples struggling to conceive a child, reflexology may also be beneficial in balancing out hormones and reducing feelings of stress.  These responses may help prepare the body for conception, and carrying a child.  I am trained in Reflexology and Conception techniques.

I am trained to Level 5 Reflexology as part of the 3 year degree programme BSc (Hons) Complementary Healthcare (with Practitioner Status), a course which incorporates detailed training in Anatomy and Physiology and Pathophysiology.  The training I have received, and the treatments I provide, are research and evidence based throughout.  I am also a member of the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) .

The level of qualification I hold means you can be confident that the treatment you receive is individualised for you, and most appropriate for your needs.


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