My new treatment room

Address – 32 Celtic Way, Rhoose, CF62 3FT (see Map at bottom of page, for directions)

In addition to providing treatments from Health Conscious, The Precinct, Llantwit Major I will now be offering more flexible appointment slots at my new home treatment room.  I am very, very happy with it!  All surfaces are able to be cleaned between treatments, and 6 trickle vents in the windows will enable constant ventilation without draughts.

I will be offering remedial massage, clinical reflexology and aromatherapy treatments from my home treatment room and am excited to also be able to offer two new additions to treatments  – gorgeous peppermint and lavender warm towel foot cleansing before reflexology & bespoke massage oil blends using essential oils most appropriate for your massage treatment.

The driveway to my home will be available for your use if you wish to use it (please note that parking is at your own risk).  My driveway has a wooden fence / gate in front of it (as pictured below).

It would be really helpful if you could please arrive for your appointment no earlier than 5 minutes beforehand, this will ensure the driveway is available for your use and that I have had sufficient time to ventilate the room between clients.

COVID measures

Until the guidance for close contact services changes in Wales, you will need to wear a facemask throughout your reflexology treatment (unless you are exempt on medical grounds); during massage treatments carried out while your are face down a ‘pillow bag’ over the face cradle will be used, which means you do not need to wear a face mask.  You will need to replace your face mask for any part of the treatment where you are not face down.

I will be wearing a medical grade facemask during reflexology treatments, and additionally I will be wearing a visor for massage treatments.

In addition to facemarks, my usual COVID measures are in place – checking before appointments that clients do not have COVID symptoms; ventilating the room for at least 30 minutes before appointments; providing hand sanitiser on arrival / on leaving your appointment; sanitising all equipment and changing all laundry between appointments. Within my treatment room windows are six trickle vents which enable constant ventilation throughout.

I am incredibly excited you be welcoming you to my new treatment space!

See you soon,

Candace Nicholson

Bsc (Hons) Complementary Healthcare

Mob: 07597 696986

Driveway parking available.

My very relaxing treatment room 🙂