Your treatment, further to the C19 pandemic – please read before attending your appointment.


As a member of three professional organisations and a registrant of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, I have been following return to work guidance very closely to ensure my clients can return to receiving, and I to providing, treatments in a safe but therapeutic and enjoyable environment.

I have been required to carry out a risk assessment to detail how I plan to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus.

Essentially a risk assessment documents any potential risk, and how this risk is going to be addressed. They’re used in lots of workplace situations and are a really useful way of thinking through processes to make sure you are doing the best you can to minimise the risk of harm.

My risk assessment for Holly Tree Holistic Healthcare is documented below, for your information and, hopefully, your reassurance that I am taking all appropriate steps to minimise any chance of transmission of C19.

In summary, the key things to note: 1) Please arrive for your appointment at the rear entrance to Health Conscious, a minute or two before your appointment time – I will be there to greet you.  2) Please arrive wearing a face mask, hand sanitiser will be provided as you enter the building.  3) Please bring a bottle of water for after your treatment.  4) Due to extra vigilant hygiene measures I am restricted to providing each client with one sheet and one fleece blanket covering – if you feel you need more covering,  especially as the weather gets cooler, please do bring extra blanket(s) with you.

I M P O R T A N T  If you, or someone you live with, experiences symptom(s) suggestive of C19 – i.e. a high temperature; a new, continuous cough; loss of smell or taste – prior to your appointment, please do contact me to rearrange your treatment. Also, if you live in an area which is subject to a local lockdown restriction that means you would need to leave that area to attend your appointment with me, then please contact me to rearrange. There is no late cancellation charge for clients who need to cancel their appointment, last minute, due to local lockdown restrictions or if they, or someone they live with, experience symptoms which may be due to C19. If you suspect you have C19, you can arrange to be tested by clicking here.

Note from me: I do not want to catch C19 – but, even more importantly, I do not want my clinic to be a place where anyone is at any risk of contracting C19. The following details the extensive steps I will be taking in order to keep all of us safe, and to maintain the therapeutic benefits of the treatments I provide. I will be providing this list to all clients who have booked a treatment with me, for their information, and ask that you read through the list before arriving for your appointment. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you very soon!   

Candace Nicholson



Risk Assessment – how I will manage any potential risk, however small, of viral transmission

The day before the appointment I will arrange a telephone consultation with clients in order to carry out an up-to-date health overview, including a Covid-19 specific risk assessment, and to inform you of a slight amendment to my Privacy Notice (to take into account C19 Contact Tracing). This telephone catch-up will be in place of our usual face-to-face conversation about your health prior to your treatment.

Potential risk of virus transmission
How this risk will be addressed
When client arrives at clinic

1)   Client to wear a face mask when arriving for, and throughout, their appointment (unless there is a reason why this is not possible, which will be discussed in the pre-appointment telephone assessment, the day before treatment). During massage while lying face-down (massages can only be carried out with the client lying face down, or on their side, currently) masks do not need to be worn and instead a ‘pillow bag’ which dangles from the face cradle will be used and changed between clients.

2)   Please can clients bring a bottle of water with them, as unfortunately, for now, I am unable to offer my customary glass of water, post-treatment.

3)   Please can clients arrive for their appointment via the back door (orange door in the lane behind the shop) to avoid contact with shop customers; outdoor clothes (coat/jacket) should be hung in the foyer just inside the back door. Hand sanitiser will be available to be applied immediately on entering the building, after hanging up your coat.  Footwear can be left just outside the studio on the first floor, where the treatment will take place.

4)   Please can clients arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before their appointment, to avoid bumping into a leaving client. I will open the orange door and greet clients at their appointment time.

The treatment itself

5) The day before the treatment I will need to arrange a time catch up with clients on the telephone / mobile, to complete a health update.  This will be in place of any face-to-face health update I normally take during your appointment with me. If on the morning of your appointment you or someone you live with experience symptoms suggestive of C19 (click here to find out more)please contact me to cancel or rearrange your appointment.  I will not be charging any late cancellation fees for clients who need to cancel their appointment for any reason related to C19.

6)   The appointment will take place in the studio, on the first floor of Health Conscious. This will increase air circulation, and windows will be kept slightly open during treatments and opened wide between treatments.

7)   There will, for now, be 30minute gaps between the end of one treatment and start of the next, for full cleansing and air circulation to take place before the next client. Also to avoid a client leaving an appointment from bumping into the next client.  I will be treating a maximum of 4 clients on any given clinic day, for the foreseeable future.

8)   The massage couch and flooring in the room will be cleansed between clients. Toilet facilities will be cleansed between clients. Sheets, towels and blankets will be changed between clients.  Due to the extensive laundry requirements of these new measures I will be providing one sheet and one blanket as a covering for each client, per treatment – if you feel you will require extra coverings please can you bring additional blankets with you to your appointment.

9)   A plastic lidded box will be in the treatment room for any clothes / personal belongings removed by the client to be placed in. Cleansed between use.

10)   There will be a lidded bin, tissues and hand sanitiser in the treatment room for use if required.

11)   For the time being, until restrictions are lifted further, massage treatments will take place with the client face down, or on their sides (facing away from me).   Wearing a face mask whilst lying face down will be challenging and there is an alternative – making a ‘pillow bag’ which hangs under the face cradle, which acts like a baggy face mask! I will be putting a ‘pillow bag’ in place for clients for use during a massage treatment.

12)    Reflexology treatments, due to the natural distance between your face and mine, will be carried out in the usual way, but with us both wearing a face mask (and I will be wearing an apron).

Your therapist

13)  I will wash my hands before greeting each client, including using a nail brush.

·      I will sanitise my hands immediately before the treatment begins.

·      I will sanitise my hands immediately after the treatment ends.

·      I will wash my hands, again using a nail brush (& wash my forearms, if used during the massage treatment) before taking each client back downstairs, after the treatment.

14) For massage treatments I will wear an apron, face mask and visor. The apron and facemask to be changed between treatments and the plastic visor cleansed.

15) For reflexology treatments I will wear an apron & face mask. The apron and face mask will be changed between treatments.

16) On the mornings before I provide treatments I will be taking my temperature and recording this, for extra reassurance.

Laundry 17) All my used laundry will be placed in a sealed bag, ready to be taken home and washed at hot temperatures, ready for the next day in clinic!
Payment 18) Payment for treatments can be made by card or cash, but if the latter, please can payments be made with the exact money.
Cost of treatments 19) The costs of implementing the new procedures for re-opening clinic have been quite extensive. Also, the time taken to carry out pre-treatment consultations, which usually take place during the actual appointment, means the overall appointment time will be longer than usual, for now. I will not be increasing appointment prices to take into account these additional costs.  The reason for this is I know that many of us have had a tough time due to C19 and I am just thrilled to be back! But for the duration of these post-lockdown operations I will need to suspend my usual 20% discount for referring a friend, until further notice.  The above measures may seem extensive but they are a necessarily evil for now, in order to keep us all safe 🙂